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SnagIt Screen Capture Plugin for Windows Live Writer

snagit-plugin-button I’m a visual person. Maybe it’s one of those left brain/right brain type of things more than a male/female kind of thing.

I also love eye candy, as you might have judged from the colors of this site.

Finally, I like seeing something before I "buy" it. When it comes to plugins for Windows Live Writer I’m no different. And because I think some of you out there are living along the same lines I like to add images from the plugins I write about.

To take those screenshots I use TechSmith’s SnagIt which is one of the best, if not the best, screen capture tool out there. It comes with a powerful editor with effects: handy. It can capture a menu, a complete web page, region of your screen, a window. Handy. It can save, email, FTP and instant message that screenshot. Again, handy.

snagit-plugin-screen The Snagit Screen Capture plugin for Windows Live Writer makes the process of taking a screenshot with SnagIt two steps easier. After the automated installation you click on the Insert SnagIt Screen Capture menu option in your sidebar or insert dropdown.

From the capture menu that comes up you can select most of the same options you could as when you would have started SnagIt itself. By default the settings you choose here do not persist unless you click Save Settings.

Now there’s one important, handy option here which exact use threw me off a little bit: Don’t save image file. Check the option’s checkbox, take the screenshot — and SangIt still prompts you to save it. Cancel the saving and… no image.

As the plugin author puts it:

Images can be captured and optionally do not need to be saved to disk permanently. Checking the Don’t save image file option will capture the file to disk and let Live Writer pick up the image for internal storage, but the actual captured image on disk will then be deleted so you don’t clutter up your drive with captured images.

The key phrase here is: do not need to be saved to disk permanently. In other words, when you check the option SnagIt will prompt you to save the image in the folder you selected in tne Snagit Screen Capture plugin options screen. Upon closing SnagIt the plugin then picks up the image and deletes it from the disk.

A couple of times while still unfamiliar with the plugin I had a SnagIt alert popup telling me it couldn’t perform a screenshot. That hasn’t happened since.

SnagIt Screen Capture plugin is a solid solution for anyone who blogs using Windows Live Writer and regulalrly needs to insert a screenshot of some type or another. For me it is not a solution I can make use of simply because I upload my screenshots to Flickr. No harm done though.

Download page for SnagIt Screen Capture plugin for Windows Live Writer

Your comments, feedback, input and tips are appreciated!

Windows Live Writer Portable

TechLifeBlogged has done some work to make Windows Live Writer portable. Call it Windows Live Writer on a stick, USB Windows Live Writer; it’s portable.

Like he says:

Starting to use Windows Live Writer more and more it becomes apparent that it would be really nice to take it with me between computers. If you have more than one blog it is tedious to set everything up every time you need to install again.  You have all your blog settings, ping server settings and FTP settings to redo.

As a solution he has made a Windows Live Writer portable launcher. It runs Windows Live Witer in its own environment, as he puts it. That’s one part of the puzzle.

The other part of the puzzle is getting WLW on a stick. This involves copying all WLW files as stored in Program Files to your stick. After that you can uninstall the thing if you want.

To use Windows Live Writer Portable you then simply click on the portable launcher.

Smart solution.

Download page for Windows Live Writer Portable

Your comments, feedback, input and tips are appreciated!

WebSnapr URL Preview Image

websnapr wlw plugin The WebSnapr Plugin for Windows Live Writer is a deliciously easy way to get a preview thumbnail of a web site into Windows Live Writer plugin.

websnapr-dialog After the manual installation position your cursor where you want the preview to appear and click the Insert Thumbnail of URL… entry in the insert side menu or insert dropdown menu.

A dialog box comes up where you can specify which URl to snap. The caption defaults to "Thumbnail via WebSnapr" followed by the URL but you can change it.

websnapr-wlwplugins Size of the image can be set as well as if it has a border around it or not. You can op to have the link open in a new window.

Using the default settings a preview of the Windows Live Writer Plugins home page looks as shown on the left.

WebSnapr Plugin for Windows Live Writer is a simple, clean solution. If you don’t need preview images of all sites, the way you have with Snap, then WebSnapr’s service delivers an easy, fast solution. And the plugin does what it should do: make life a little bit easier, eliminating the need to switch to code view, insert image URL’s etc.

Download page for WebSnapr Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Your comments, feedback, input and tips are appreciated!

Now Playing 2.2

insert-now-playing Now Playing is a music signature plugin for Windows Live Writer with a new twist. And I feel like I shouldn’t say "a music signature plugin" but probably the music signature plugin.

Out of the box Now Playing is rock solid, fully functional and works with iTunes, Windows Media Player and WinAmp. It’s able to get all the data (artist, song, album) without a problem.

The new twist is that this is a plugin which can be extended with plugins… I’ll take a sip of tea while you read that sentence again :-)

now-playing-preferences Right now Now Playing comes with two plugins. One to get album information from Amazon, one to get artist information from MusicMap.

The download page offers both an easy installer and for those who wish to keep their registry clean a manual setup (how to manually install a Windows Live Writer plugin).

Once installed it is a good idea to visit the options/preferences screen (ToolsPreferences PluginsNow PlayingOptions).

now-playing-preferences-amazon Here you first select your player. You can then select the web services you wish to use. If you select Amazon, don’t forget to click the Options button to its right. You’ll be presented with a box where you can enter your Amazon (Web Services) Subscription ID (get it – it’s free). This is required if you want to use the Amazon service. You can also enter your Amazon Associate ID (optional – sign up here for free).

now-playing-preferences-markup Still in the options screen of Now Playing it’s a good idea to have a look at the Markup tab, even if it’s just to be familiar with it. It is here that you define how the music signature will look.

All setup? Time to test. Open your player and start playing. At any time when you feel it’s needed, hit the Insert Now Playing… option in the insert menu in the sidebar or in the insert menu dropdown.

What you end up with could look something like this (oh, and yes, that is a great track — see YouTube — and yes, that link in the music info is an example of an Amazon affiliate link):

BassHunter – LOL (Red Edition) – Boten Anna (Radio Edit)

Now Playing is, if not the best now playing/music signature plugin, at the very least the most promising one.


Download page for Now Playing plugin for Windows Live Writer

Your comments, feedback, input and tips are appreciated!

Insert Video v3.0

insert-video-entry It started out "long ago" as the SoapBox Video Plugin, turned into one of the most popular Windows Live Writer plugins and is now in version 3: Windows Live Writer Insert Video.

insert-video-default-options In my mind Insert Video is the only video plugin you need with Windows Live Writer — and currently I’m simply not considering any others.

Insert Video comes as an installer and once installed comes with a smart set of default options. Default, I say, because as you insert the video of your liking in your Windows Live Writer post you can override most of these:

insert-video-go Upon insert you can choose between full video with preview of an image and a link to the video. The video size is set and cannot be resized.

When you paste a wrong URL you’re going to get, as the plugin so nicely puts it, a big fat hairy error:


What was interesting in the case of my video is that the URL copied from the address bar for YouTube gave me this error but the URL in the share box did not — even though they are exactly the same. Go figure.

Download page for Windows Live Writer Insert Video plugin

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