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Bible Verse Live Writer plugin

bible-verse-menu-button Insert Bible Verse does what it says on the box — and it does so quite effectively.

The Insert Bible Verse plugin for Windows Live Writer comes with an installer, if you so want. The developer also makes available a version which you can just drop in the right folder yourself. (How to manually install a plugin).

There is nothing to configure. It uses the ESV Bible service.

bible-verse--add-window Click on the Insert Bible Verse… menu entry in your sidebar on dropdown menu. The logo of the Bible service is chopped off: to see it completely, resize the dialog box.

bible-verse-inserted The tricky part now is that the Insert Bible Verse plugin requires sound Bible knowledge in order to enter a verse. You start typing the book (say, Psalms). An auto-complete dropdown helps you speed things up. You then enter the beginning and end verse. If you omit this, the complete first chapter will be inserted.

There is no look-up, search or concordance function so if you’re not sure where something is, you need to find it elsewhere, then use the plugin to insert the verse.

Download page for Insert Bible Verse plugin for Windows Live Writer

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