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SoapBox Video plugin

1 Started as an MSN SoapBox video plugin, SoapBox is the video plugin for Windows Live Writer that has it all, does it all.

After the manual installation (how to manually install a plugin) an Insert Video entry appears in your Insert dropdown menu and/or sidebar.

2 Operation is brilliantly simple. Navigate the video site of your choice: MSN SoapBox, YouTube, Google Video or MySpace. Find a video you like? Copy the URL in your addressbar, hit the Insert Video button and paste it into the window that pops up.

3 Select which site you’re using. Once the URL is pasted and the video site selected you can even use the Preview button to see what will be inserted. (Note: If you click on Google Video, then paste a link in, you have to click on Google Video again to be able to insert it. Likewise, you might need to switch the radio buttons back and forth to see the preview).

If all is as you want it to be you click on Insert. All code as needed is inserted into your blog post at the place of your cursor.

4 Between the various video plugins for Windows Live Writer, this one truly is the simplest, most forward one. In fact, the only things that can be improved about this plugin are extended support (by adding Yahoo Video) and by automatically selecting which video site you’re using based simply on the URL you just pasted into it.

Excellent work from the same author who brought us the golden nugget Insert Spaces Emoticon.

Download page for MSN SoapBox video plugin for Windows Live Writer.

Note: this plugin will not work on MSN Spaces as MSN Spaces automatically removes the embed-tags needed.

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