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WebSnapr URL Preview Image

websnapr wlw plugin The WebSnapr Plugin for Windows Live Writer is a deliciously easy way to get a preview thumbnail of a web site into Windows Live Writer plugin.

websnapr-dialog After the manual installation position your cursor where you want the preview to appear and click the Insert Thumbnail of URL… entry in the insert side menu or insert dropdown menu.

A dialog box comes up where you can specify which URl to snap. The caption defaults to "Thumbnail via WebSnapr" followed by the URL but you can change it.

websnapr-wlwplugins Size of the image can be set as well as if it has a border around it or not. You can op to have the link open in a new window.

Using the default settings a preview of the Windows Live Writer Plugins home page looks as shown on the left.

WebSnapr Plugin for Windows Live Writer is a simple, clean solution. If you don’t need preview images of all sites, the way you have with Snap, then WebSnapr’s service delivers an easy, fast solution. And the plugin does what it should do: make life a little bit easier, eliminating the need to switch to code view, insert image URL’s etc.

Download page for WebSnapr Plugin for Windows Live Writer

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