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Windows Live Messenger Quote

Windows Live Writer Plugin Windows Live Messenger Quote A case of "All In The Family": a Windows Live Writer plugin which inserts a Windows Live Messenger Quote!

Yes, you can highlight what you’re doing with Windows Live Messenger and paste it into Windows Live Writer but the Windows Live Messenger Quote plugin lets you insert any part of your Windows Live Messenger history into your post.

Insert Windows Live Messenger Quote plugin Click the button in your sidebar or menu entry in the insert menu dropdown. From the dropdown in top of the resulting window select your correct history file (note: some users with Windows in other languages than English have had problems having the plugin find the history files).

Once selected you’ll be able to select one or more lines the Microsoft Windows way. Hit OK and the lines are inserted.

The inserted lines look pretty much the same way Windows Live Messenger’s own history view displays them. If you’re not comfortable with that you can select Use Color and set some of your own styles.

At the time of writing the plugin is listed in one of the CodePlex downloads but once downloaded is not actually available in that download.

Download page for Windows Live Messenger Quote plugin for Windows Live Writer

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