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Windows Live Writer Backup

windows-live-writer-backup-shortcut Windows Live Writer Backup is one of the first plugins to not be a plugin and to run completely outside of Windows Live Writer.

After using the convenient installer Windows Live Writer Backup is therefore not available from within Windows Live Writer. Instead you have to go to your Start Menu and select the shortcut there.

The program can run while Windows Live Writer is running.

windows-live-writer-backup-what Windows Live Writer Backup, as the name suggests, backs up everything that matters for Windows Live Writer: the blog settings, the drafts, recent blogs and even the plugins!

Each of these is optional. You can opt to only backup drafts but not the rest.

Windows Live Writer Backup is a basic utility which does not do incremental or differential backups — but what it does it does solidly good.

Especially when you have more than one blog in WLW, Windows Live Writer Backup is a great, I would almost say essential, part of your WLW plugins library.

Download link for Windows Live Writer Backup

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