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Windows Live Writer Portable

TechLifeBlogged has done some work to make Windows Live Writer portable. Call it Windows Live Writer on a stick, USB Windows Live Writer; it’s portable.

Like he says:

Starting to use Windows Live Writer more and more it becomes apparent that it would be really nice to take it with me between computers. If you have more than one blog it is tedious to set everything up every time you need to install again.  You have all your blog settings, ping server settings and FTP settings to redo.

As a solution he has made a Windows Live Writer portable launcher. It runs Windows Live Witer in its own environment, as he puts it. That’s one part of the puzzle.

The other part of the puzzle is getting WLW on a stick. This involves copying all WLW files as stored in Program Files to your stick. After that you can uninstall the thing if you want.

To use Windows Live Writer Portable you then simply click on the portable launcher.

Smart solution.

Download page for Windows Live Writer Portable

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